Chapter 64: A Kitchen Haul

«…If you could list me your [ Class ] and [ Skills ] then we’ll surely come up with something!» Her offer was tempting to say the least, a chance for someone wiser than him to help him choose what steps to take so he can finally advance from his mediocre state but—that last sentence made him think twice.

Needless to say, Timothy appreciated the attention—he really did but there was also another thing. He also didn’t fancy being late to another class. An important one at that. Defense Against Physical Combatants, «Uh, can we do this at a later note, [ Professor ]?» Though the other students had left, somebody was still waiting for him.

Penelope Primrose was just within earshot to listen.

«Fine, let’s do this some other time but you need to take into account a lot of things, goodluck with your next class,» The older woman pouted as she placed her staff down for a moment, «Get going boy.»

Timothy took the chance to escape and approached Penelope, «Thank you for waiting.»

The two of them left the classroom and began to make their way to the next vicinity.

«No problem, it wouldn’t actually be a bother if you had—well, the next class isn’t exactly one of my favorites.» She changed the subject but it was confirmation that she had actually been eavesdropping on the conversation. Her tone shifted quickly to a more jovial one. «The class is a necessary evil but the [ Professor ] is simply amazing…»

He wouldn’t exactly call her out, instead he chose to focus on her words. «Why don’t you like the next class, Penny?» But if she liked the [ Professor ] that meant he could be at ease at the next class.

Or it could also mean the exact opposite.

A tired smile formed in her lips, «It’s Defense Against Physical Combatants. And I’m running a bit low on mana already after [ Professor ] Carnus’ class. But I’m sure that you’ll do fine during a spar, most boys are great at fights, right?»

«So it’s not a lecture class?» Timothy halted in his steps.

Lady Penelope Primrose raised a brow at him but nodded, «It’s a combination of lecture and practical, but our teacher tends to start with spars and then lecture afterward.»

«Ah, then can you please go ahead of me?»


«I think I’ll be in need of something if actual combat is going to happen.» Before Penny could say anything else, he was off.

.. .

The [ Professor ] in front of Han paused for a moment, their brows knotting at his question, «A [ Class ] that I’d recommend for you, for someone who doesn’t have any combat related [ Class ]… hmm, well, why don’t you choose one for yourself?»

Han blinked at the nonchalant reply, he really wasn’t expecting that kind of answer. The teacher had been precise and thoroughly helpful during his lecture, it made him consider getting the basic [ Fighter ] class to allow him to consolidate it with another class in the future, but he still wanted their opinion.

«[ Professor ] the reason why I asked you in the first place is because I’m not confident enough.»

«Well what if I told you that you’d be better off with a [ Class ] like [ Dung Cleaner ]?» Owen Liddell gave him a look, «If I told you that based on what I can tell, you’re better off as that, will you listen to me?»


«You shouldn’t just listen to whatever I say, is all I’m saying. I’m sure you have more of an idea with what works for you.»

The reason why he even approached them is because he expected a teacher to have more knowledge on how [ Classes ] work. And Han Jing wanted to laugh at the irony of this—if his father had heard that piece of advice from this [ Professor ] he could already expect the blatant retort from his old man.

‘Do you really think you know what you’re doing with your life, Han Jing? Listen to me and pay attention to what I’ll be telling you.’

That had been the reason why he took the degree his father had wanted him. Han held back a sigh and once again glanced at the [ Professor ], honestly they didn’t stray too far from him in age and he nodded his head, «Thank you.»

«Well, if you have nothing else to ask, I’ll go ahead. You’ve already delayed us by a few minutes. I’ll be seeing you at the next class.» Owen Liddel nodded and sauntered out, they tossed one glance at him, «You may have just arrived but you’ll be sparring, it will at least help you gauge what kind of combat style will work for you.»

And then the man was gone.

It was then that his two companions approached him, Donovan shook his head, «So you don’t even have a [ Class ] yet?»

It wasn’t like he was hiding that information but he nodded with a slight grimace, «Yeah…»

«That’s actually pretty interesting, you have a lot of opportunities. And you did well on the spar earlier with Donovan that I’m excited to see how you’ll do against a [ Mage ].» Sir Leon de Harrington spoke up.

Han grabbed for his crumpled sheet of paper and looked at his next class, «We’re fighting against [ Mages ]?» He could already remember how easily Ellynn slammed him into a wall with one [ Wind Gust ] spell and how Timothy almost ended up knocked out with a [ Rock Fist ] spell.

«Indeed, it’s a little tricky.» Sir Leon Harrington admitted before offering a kind smile, «But I’m sure that you’ll be able to make your way out of it and even come out on top. Though don’t take it to heart if you don’t, we’re all in the learning process.»

Donovan shook his head, «Sir Harrington is being too kind, the thing with [ Mages ] is simple if you’re quick with your weapon, you could close the distance and have your sword or axe up at their necks and they’ll give up immediately.»

«Ah, most of our [ Mage ] oriented peers are still bad with their reflexes, but higher leveled ones are a nightmare to deal with.»

«But there’s nothing for Han to worry about, except you don’t have anything. Well you can try to knock them out to the ground I guess.»

Han realized something and raised his hands, «The two of you can go ahead, I’ll be right back.»

«Where are you going?»

«Well, I’m off to prepare that’s what.» As soon as they stepped out of the classroom, Han bolted towards the cafeteria, but had another place in mind.

Before making his way to the next classroom, Timothy considered his options and made his way to where they just ate lunch. It was surely located there.

Two boys both arrived at the same time.

An exchange of glances were all that happened, neither exactly greeting the other as they searched for their special item. Both of them were already running late as it was and the two of them had separate classes.

If what Penelope Primrose had said about the ‘Defense Against Physical Fighters’ was true…

If the ‘Defense Against Mages’ class wasn’t a lecture…

If it was going to be an actual spar against another [ Student ], he wouldn’t come unprepared.

Suffice to say, the two of them raided the kitchen.




To have the ability to perceive some’s [ Class ], [ Level ] and [ Skill ] was a valuable thing to obtain, information can truly be a powerful thing. And a lot of people had different [ Skills ] that could provide insight into another person’s details. But they all functioned differently from one another.

A high-level one used their skill [ Evaluate Potential ] and came up with a singular [ Class ] for one of the young men and several averaged [ Classes ] for another. The higher the level usually meant better efficiency of one’s [ Skills ] but at the end of the day, other [ Skills ] were more precise and suitable than the other.

Owen Liddell used his skill, [ Observe ], which was actually more fine-tuned than the other’s. While the other was more attuned to figuring out someone’s potential by maybe giving a clue here and there about the major stuff—his was more comprehensive.

[ Peasant Lvl 2 ]

] Unerring Throw

] Unarmed Combat

[ Student Lvl 1 ]

] Hastened Learning

[ ______ ]

] ______

As he walked out after finishing the conversation with this new student, Han—he frowned to himself. That was no anti-scrying [ Spell ], he would have noticed it. And neither did he have any magical equipment that hid his [ Skills ] and [ Class ] or else he wouldn’t have been able to see [ Peasant ] and [ Student ] so what was… that blank? Maybe it was some kind of [ Class ] that hid itself. Though it wasn’t actually doing a good job.

Had that student been testing him or was that a fluke? Owen Liddell would get to the bottom of this.